IND vs SA : 2023 World Cup

Crushing Encounters and Pitch Records: IND vs SA Showdown at 2023 World Cup’s Eden Gardens

The 2023 World Cup is witnessing a colossal showdown as IND vs SA , perched at the apex of the rankings, gear up for a monumental face-off at the revered Eden Gardens in Kolkata. The anticipation for this clash between the two cricketing powerhouses is palpable, with history, rivalry, and the prestige of the World Cup converging at this iconic venue.

Crushing Encounters and Pitch Records: IND vs SA Showdown at 2023 World Cup's Eden Gardens

1. Unveiling the Ongoing Rivalry: IND vs SA – 2023 World Cup Showdown

The high-stakes IND vs SA match in the ongoing 2023 World Cup at Eden Gardens promises an exhilarating clash between the top two cricketing giants.

2. Head-to-Head Stats: IND and SA in ODI History

A dive into the historical stats of India and South Africa’s head-to-head encounters in ODIs – a rivalry marked by thrilling moments and notable victories.

3. ODI World Cup Showdown: IND and SA’s Previous Encounters

Exploring the intense battles between India and South Africa in the ODI World Cup, witnessing some gripping victories for both sides.

4. Recent Face-offs: Last 5 ODI Matches Between India and South Africa

A quick recap of the thrilling performances in the most recent five ODI matches between the two cricketing powerhouses.

5. Unveiling Eden Gardens: Pitch History and ODI Records

A detailed rundown of the historical significance of Eden Gardens, Kolkata, encompassing crucial statistics and match results in ODI cricket.

6. Kolkata’s Eden Gardens: The Pitch and Match Expectations

Insights into the nature of the Eden Gardens pitch and expectations for the thrilling encounter between India and South Africa in the 2023 World Cup.

7. Recent ODI at Eden Gardens: Pakistan’s Dominance

A recap of the recent ODI match at Eden Gardens, highlighting the triumph of Pakistan against Bangladesh, indicating the pitch dynamics and performance expectations for the upcoming clash.

Crushing Encounters and Pitch Records: IND vs SA Showdown at 2023 World Cup's Eden Gardens

The clash between India and South Africa (IND vs SA) at the 2023 World Cup has the cricketing world on edge, promising a high-voltage encounter at the iconic Eden Gardens in Kolkata. These two cricketing powerhouses have a history steeped in riveting battles and remarkable victories, making every face-off an event to behold.

In their overall ODI encounters, South Africa holds a marginal lead, with 50 wins against India’s 37 in the 90 matches played. However, in the World Cup, India holds its ground with victories in two out of their five meetings, demonstrating their prowess on the grand stage.

Total matches played: 90

Matches won by India: 37

Matches won by South Africa: 50

Matches tied: 0

Matches with no result: 3

The recent face-offs between India and South Africa have been nothing short of spectacular, with India emerging victorious in two of the three encounters in 2022, highlighting their form and tenacity in recent times.Here’s a short summary of the last five ODI matches played between India and South Africa:

IND (105/3) beat SA (99) by 7 wickets, Oct 11, 2022

IND (282/3) beat SA (278/7) by 7 wickets, Oct 9, 2022

SA (249/4) beat IND (240/8) by 9 runs, Oct 6, 2022

SA (287) beat IND (283) by 4 runs, Jan 23, 2022

SA (288/3) beat IND (287/6) by 7 wickets, Jan 21, 2022

As the action shifts to the historic Eden Gardens, Kolkata, the pitch history reveals a battleground favoring both batsmen and fast bowlers. Notably, the pitch has posed challenges for teams batting first to cross the 230-run mark, providing an edge to the bowlers.

Crushing Encounters and Pitch Records: IND vs SA Showdown at 2023 World Cup's Eden Gardens
PUNE, INDIA – NOVEMBER 01: Quinton de Kock of South Africa celebrates after scoring a hundred during the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 match between South Africa and New Zealand at MCA International Stadium on November 01, 2023 in Pune, India. (Photo by Pankaj Nangia/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

 Legendary Feats and Pitch Milestones: IND vs SA Clash at 2023 World Cup’s Eden Gardens

Amidst the 2023 World Cup fervor, a monumental showdown is on the horizon as India and South Africa, the titans of cricket, prepare to clash at the historic Eden Gardens in Kolkata. This encounter marks a fusion of legacy, intense rivalry, and the grandeur of the World Cup, drawing attention to this iconic venue and the significant records etched in its history.

Win probability

South Africa India
36% 64%

Key Records and Statistics at Eden Gardens:

1. Highest Individual Score: Rohit Sharma’s monumental 264 against Sri Lanka in 2014 stands as a testament to individual brilliance on this hallowed ground.

2. Best Bowling Figures: Anil Kumble’s sensational 6/12 performance against West Indies in 1993 remains a benchmark of bowling excellence at Eden Gardens.

3. Highest Team Total: India’s imposing 404/5 against Sri Lanka in 2014 stands tall as the pinnacle of team batting achievements at this venue.

4. Lowest Team Total: The West Indies’ struggle, managing only 123 runs against India in 1993, remains the lowest team total witnessed at Eden Gardens.

5. Highest Successful Run-Chase: India’s remarkable chase of 317/3 against Sri Lanka in 2009 resonates as the most awe-inspiring pursuit accomplished on this renowned ground.

6. Average First Innings Score: The historical average first innings score of 234 at Eden Gardens paints a picture of the competitive yet enticing nature of cricket battles at this venue.

The recent ODI between Pakistan and Bangladesh at Eden Gardens witnessed a dominating display by Pakistan, emphasizing the role of fast bowlers in securing victories on this turf. This victory by Pakistan, securing a chase of 205 runs, hints at the potential dynamics for the impending clash between India and South Africa.

Crushing Encounters and Pitch Records: IND vs SA Showdown at 2023 World Cup's Eden Gardens
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Anticipation for the forthcoming encounter between India and South Africa is sky-high, especially given the historic significance of Eden Gardens and the pitch dynamics favoring a thrilling battle between bat and ball. The conditions could provide an edge to fast bowlers, ensuring a pulsating match as both teams vie for supremacy in this 2023 World Cup fixture.

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