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Games with Shubh Raj: A Journey of 2.6 Million Subscribers

Games with Shubh Raj: In the vast realm of online gaming, where virtual worlds come to life, one name shines bright – Shubh Raj.

Games with Shubh Raj: A Journey of 2.6 Million Subscribers

This young sensation has taken the YouTube gaming community by storm, amassing a staggering 2.6 million subscribers and counting. Join us on a thrilling journey through the life, passion, and achievements of Shubh Raj, the gaming maestro from Patna, India.

1. The Rise of Shubh: From Humble Beginnings to YouTube Stardom

Shubh Raj, fondly known as “Shubh,” was born on March 8, 2003, in the heart of Bihar, Patna. From the early age of 18, he embarked on his YouTube journey, captivating audiences with his gaming prowess.

2. Scaling New Heights: A Towering Talent

Standing at a towering height of 5 feet 10 inches, Shubh is not just a gaming wizard but a tall presence in the gaming community. His right-handed skills have enabled him to conquer virtual worlds with ease.

3. The Pursuit of Knowledge: Education and Gaming Hand in Hand

Balancing his gaming career and education, Shubh is currently in his 2nd year of studies. His commitment to both fields sets an inspiring example for his followers.

4. A Solo Warrior: Shubh’s Lone Gaming Odyssey

Shubh has achieved incredible success as a solo gamer, demonstrating his exceptional skills and dedication to his craft.

5. The Heart of a Big Family: Balancing Stardom and Home Life

With five family members supporting him, Shubh’s journey is marked by a strong foundation of love and encouragement.

6. A Bachelor’s Quest: Shubh Raj’s Marital Status

At the age of 20, Shubh remains unmarried, focusing his energies on his passion for gaming and his burgeoning YouTube career.

7. The ‘Games with Subh’ Universe: YouTube and Instagram

Shubh’s YouTube channel, “Games with Subh,” has become a hub for gaming enthusiasts. His Instagram account, under the same name, keeps fans engaged with updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses of his life.

8. Gaming Exclusive: Shubh’s Sole Professional Platform

While Shubh primarily showcases his gaming prowess on YouTube, he hasn’t ventured into other professional platforms, allowing him to maintain his gaming focus.

9. Achieving Milestones: Silver and Gold Play Buttons

Shubh Raj’s gaming journey has been adorned with the coveted Silver and Gold Play Buttons from YouTube, a testament to his dedication and audience love.

10. On the Move: Shubh’s Bike and Car

The gaming sensation navigates the streets of Patna on his trusty Hornet bike and cruises in style in his Scorpio car.

11. Darjeeling: Shubh’s Beloved Holiday Destination

When not immersed in gaming, Shubh finds solace in the serene beauty of Darjeeling, his favorite holiday destination.

12. Shubh’s Signature Opening: A Catchphrase for the Masses

Every gaming video by Shubh begins with his iconic phrase, “Aur mere bhaiyo kya hal chal hai apke,” instantly connecting him with his audience.

13. Beyond Gaming: Impact and Earnings

Shubh’s impact on the community has been nothing short of remarkable. With over 400 million views on his most popular video, showcasing hand control car gameplay, he has carved a significant niche in the gaming world. His earnings of 2-3 lakhs per month reflect his dedication and the love he receives from his subscribers.

Games with Shubh Raj: A Journey of 2.6 Million Subscribers


Shubh Raj, the gaming sensation hailing from Patna, India, has undoubtedly made a profound impact in the gaming community. His journey from a young, passionate gamer to a YouTube sensation with 2.6 million subscribers is a testament to his skill, dedication, and the love of his followers. As he continues to rise in the gaming world, there’s no doubt that “Games with Subh” will remain a powerhouse in the realm of online gaming.

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