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Experience the Thrill: Acer India’s Exclusive ‘Score with Sunil’ Mobile Game

“Maximize Your Gaming Mastery: Acer Unleashes ‘Score with Sunil’ Contest – Elevate Skills with Football Legend Sunil Chhetri!”

Get ready to kick off an exhilarating gaming experience with Acer India’s latest collaboration with football legend Sunil Chhetri – the ‘Score with Sunil’ contest. In this power-packed gaming challenge, participants can download the unique mobile game from the Google Play Store, showcasing their skills in penalty shootouts and competing for top prizes.

Experience the Thrill: Acer India's Exclusive 'Score with Sunil' Mobile Game

“Dive Into Football Glory: ‘Score with Sunil’ Game Overview”

Embark on a virtual football journey as you download and install the ‘Score with Sunil’ game, where players can either play as Sunil Chhetri in any football game featuring Bangalore FC or Team India. The game sets the stage for intense penalty shootouts, challenging participants to score as many goals as possible within a designated time frame.

“Exclusive Prizes Await: Acer India’s Gaming Contest Rewards”

Acer India is not holding back when it comes to recognizing top performers. The player securing the 1st place on the leaderboard will walk away with a cutting-edge Acer gaming laptop, while the 2nd place winner will receive top-of-the-line Acer accessories. Participants ranking from 3rd to 10th won’t be left empty-handed – they’ll be rewarded with exclusive Acer merchandise.

“Capture and Share: Acer’s Social Media Challenge”

Participants are encouraged to showcase their gaming prowess by recording their gameplay and sharing it on Instagram stories. Tag Acer India and use the hashtags #AcerScoreWithSunil and #AcerIndiaContest for a chance to be featured and win additional prizes.

“Insider Insights: Sooraj Balakrishnan on the Acer-Sunil Chhetri Collaboration”

Sooraj Balakrishnan, Head of Marketing at Acer India, expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with India Football Captain Sunil Chhetri for the ‘Score with Sunil’ contest. This initiative not only offers a fun gaming experience but also reflects our dedication to connecting with our audience through innovative methods.”

“Contest Guidelines: Rules and Conditions”

Before diving into the gaming action, it’s essential to understand the rules. Participants must be 18 years or above and residents of the Indian Subcontinent. Only one registration per user is allowed, and social media shares should be free of profanity. Fair play is a must, and any use of scripts or hacks will lead to disqualification.

“Innovation in Action: Acer’s Dedication to Connecting with Gamers”

The collaboration between Acer India and Sunil Chhetri highlights Acer’s commitment to engaging with its audience through innovative methods. By combining technology and sportsmanship, the ‘Score with Sunil’ contest aims to create a unique and memorable experience for gaming enthusiasts.

Experience the Thrill: Acer India's Exclusive 'Score with Sunil' Mobile Game

“Strive for Excellence: ‘Goal Master Challenge'”

In addition to the ‘Score with Sunil’ contest, participants can also take part in the ‘Goal Master Challenge.’ Showcase your goal-scoring skills and stand a chance to win exciting prizes, including Acer gaming laptops, accessories, and merchandise.

“Easy Entry: Download, Register, and Score”

Entering the contest is a breeze. Simply download the Acer Score with Sunil Game, register, and start accumulating goals on the leaderboard for a shot at the incredible prizes. Don’t miss the chance to showcase your gaming skills and win big with Acer.

“Stay Compliant, Stay in the Game: Contest Eligibility”

Ensure eligibility by being 18 years or above and a resident of the Indian Subcontinent. With only one registration allowed per user, fair play is crucial. Any non-compliance with the rules may lead to disqualification by Acer India, so play by the rules to stay in the running for the fantastic prizes.

“Gaming Revolution: Acer’s Commitment to Fun and Innovation”

Acer India’s ‘Score with Sunil’ contest represents a gaming revolution, combining fun and innovation. The contest not only offers a chance to win fantastic prizes but also provides a platform for gamers to connect, compete, and celebrate their passion for football.

“Winning Moments: Acer and Sunil Chhetri Choose the Top Goals”

It’s not just about scoring goals; it’s about the quality of those goals. Acer India and Sunil Chhetri will personally select the top goals, and the winners will be honored with exclusive Acer laptops. Showcase your skill, creativity, and finesse to stand out and seize this extraordinary opportunity.

“Connect, Compete, Celebrate: Acer’s Invitation to the Gaming Community”

Acer India extends an enthusiastic invitation to the gaming community to connect, compete, and celebrate their skills in the ‘Score with Sunil’ contest. Join the gaming revolution and be part of an unforgettable experience that combines technology, sportsmanship, and the thrill of football.

“Final Countdown: Contest Starts December 24, 2023”

Mark your calendars and set your reminders – the ‘Score with Sunil’ contest kicks off on December 24, 2023. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this gaming extravaganza and compete for the exclusive prizes offered by Acer India and Sunil Chhetri.

Experience the Thrill: Acer India's Exclusive 'Score with Sunil' Mobile Game
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“The Future of Gaming: Acer and Sunil Chhetri Lead the Way”

As Acer India and Sunil Chhetri join forces for the ‘Score with Sunil’ contest, they pave the way for the future of gaming. This collaboration not only showcases cutting-edge technology but also demonstrates a commitment to fostering a vibrant gaming community. Get ready to embark on a gaming journey like never before and make your mark in the world of football gaming.

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