Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.16 Update: Revamped Moskov and Hero Adjustments

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.16 Update: The highly anticipated Patch 1.8.16 update for Mobile Legends has arrived, and it brings a wave of excitement for players. Developed by MOONTON Games, this update not only includes a visually striking revamp of the hero Moskov but also features substantial hero adjustments to enhance gameplay. Additionally, there are notable changes in the battlefield and equipment, making this update a significant one for Mobile Legends enthusiasts. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of these exciting changes and what they mean for your gaming experience.

Revamped Moskov: A Hero Reimagined

Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.16 Update: Revamped Moskov and Hero Adjustments
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Moskov, one of Mobile Legends’ iconic heroes, is the star of this update with a remarkable visual makeover and gameplay enhancements. Developers have taken a keen interest in optimizing his Ultimate ability, Spear of Destruction, to grant him more versatility and strategic options in battles. Alongside the gameplay improvements, Moskov is also getting a fresh new look that promises to impress. Players can look forward to experiencing the evolution of this beloved hero with great anticipation.

Ultimate – Spear of Destruction Enhancement

One of the most striking changes to Moskov’s kit is the reimagined Spear of Destruction. Now, when this ability hits the first enemy hero, it leaves behind a shadow. Players can then activate the Ultimate again to blink to the target direction from the shadow’s location. This addition not only adds depth to Moskov’s gameplay but also introduces a dynamic element to his combat style. Furthermore, the flying speed of Spear of Destruction has been slightly increased, and the spear widens as it travels longer, making it a more formidable tool for engaging enemies.

Hero Adjustments: A Refined Gaming Experience

The Patch 1.8.16 update doesn’t stop at Moskov’s revamp; it also features significant hero adjustments aimed at balancing the game and improving the overall experience. Let’s take a closer look at some of these hero adjustments:


Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.16 Update: Revamped Moskov and Hero Adjustments
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As the only hero with three HP bars, Masha has received experimental adjustments. These changes differentiate her three HP bars and emphasize the importance of strategic skill usage. Players must now carefully time their skill casts, particularly when only one HP bar remains. The adjustments include changes to base attack speed, the removal of attack speed growth, and enhancements to her skills.


Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.16 Update: Revamped Moskov and Hero Adjustments
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Known as an old-school fighter, Dyrroth has faced challenges in late-game scenarios and teamfights. Developers are addressing this by revamping his passive ability and skills to make him more viable in later stages of the game. These adjustments aim to create a more balanced experience for Dyrroth players.


Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.16 Update: Revamped Moskov and Hero Adjustments
image credit – mobile legends

This agile hero with multiple mechanics often posed balance challenges. In this update, her control removal ability has been removed, and her survivability has been increased without compromising her core gameplay. Additionally, Wanwan’s damage output has been boosted to achieve a more balanced performance across different ranks of play.

These hero adjustments reflect MOONTON Games’ commitment to ensuring that every hero provides an enjoyable and balanced gaming experience for players.

Battlefield Adjustments and Equipment Changes

In addition to hero adjustments, the Patch 1.8.16 update introduces notable changes to the battlefield and equipment.

Flask of the Oasis: A significant change to this equipment is that it can now be triggered by healing or shield skills applied to the carrier. However, skills that exclusively affect the carrier will not trigger the effects. This change encourages teamwork and coordination among teammates, adding depth to strategic gameplay.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations: The update also addresses various issues and optimizes gameplay mechanics. Bugs related to Advanced Retribution, Natalia’s Basic Attack, and Alucard’s enhanced Basic Attack have been resolved. Additionally, the logic of Smart Skill Targeting has been optimized, ensuring smoother skill casting and targeting for players.


The Mobile Legends Patch 1.8.16 update delivers exciting changes that are set to redefine the gameplay experience for players. The revamped Moskov brings a fresh look and enhanced abilities, while hero adjustments aim to balance the roster and create a more enjoyable environment. Furthermore, battlefield adjustments and equipment changes add depth to strategic gameplay and resolve known issues.

With MOONTON Games’ commitment to continuously improving Mobile Legends, players can expect a more refined and balanced gaming experience. As you embark on new adventures in the world of Mobile Legends, keep an eye out for these changes and explore the full potential of the revamped heroes.

Stay connected for more news and updates on Mobile Legends, and enjoy the thrilling battles that await in Patch 1.8.16. Dive into the revamped Moskov’s world and experience the hero adjustments that promise to make your Mobile Legends journey even more exhilarating.

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